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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

..:: A SAD MEMORY ::..

Friendship Remains Forever ~ picture by DusterAmaranth of Deviant Art

     It was my daughter's 16th birthday. Crazy and wild girls crowded my house. The whole house was filled with loud and noisy music. Everywhere I went, I could hear the giggling of the girls. The pretty face of a girl stunned me. She resembled my best friend, Trisha.

     I could still recall the moment we first met. It was the first day of school. I was on of the late comers. So I was seated at the back of the class by a window all alone. I was lonely, afraid and nervous with the new surrounding and unfamiliar faces. Then, appeared a cute little girl named Trisha who sat beside me. In a sort while we became good friends. We shared everything from the taste of clothes to the date of birth. Wise man says that, birds of the same feather flock together. That's us.

     After ten years of friendship, we then knew each other inside out and liked each other very much. On the 1 January 1970, we decided to celebrate our ten year friendship. We took an early bus to the TELUK CEMPEDAK beach and had a picnic there. We ate lot of food. We played crazy games and had lots of fun. I gave Trisha a silver heart shaped locket which was identical to mine, and Trisha gave me a ring engraved 'FRIENDSHIP REMAINS FOREVER'.

     At 5.30p.m. we boarded a bus home. Trisha acted weirdly while on the bus. Her continous chatting couldn't be heard clearly and she looked very exhausted. The bus stopped right in front of Trisha's new house at 6.30pm. Before she got down from the bus, Trisha made me promise not to forget her no matter what would happen to her.

     I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks wile I bade her goodbye. Suddenly I saw a fast moving lorry at the back of the bus. "Oh no!" Trisha was crossing the road. It happened within a blink an eye. Trisha was knocked down by the lorry. I yelled to the bus driver to stop the bus. Hurriedly, I jumped from the bus and sprinted towards Trisha's unmoving body. I cried and cuddled her on my lap. Her head was badly injured. She was in her pool of own blood. She clutched my hand and said, "Friendship remains forever." I asked someone top call the ambulance. Five minutes later, the ambulance arrived and took her to the hospital. Trisha was taken into the emergency room. A nurse asked me to go home and promised me that she would inform Trisha's parents about the incident.

     On the next day, my father drove me to the hospital to visit Trisha. Unfortunately, a hospital attendant told us that Trisha had been brought home by her family. We went immediatly to Trisha's house. There were lots of people there. I quickly searched for Trisha. However, to my disappoinment, I could only see the dead body of Trisha. All I could do then was to cry until my eyes hurt. I never thought that the happiest day in my life a day ago would turn into the saddest day of all.

     " Mother... why are you crying?" Trisha's voice drifted into my ears. Trisha, my daughter's name who was sixteen years old. "It is really nothing dear. I was thinking of my best friend, Trisha, whom I have told you about several times earlier," I replied.

     "Cheer up mother. Today is my birthday and I want you to be happy. Let us forget that tragic incident which happened twenty years ago," Trisha remarked.

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